Spring Recreation 2019 @Supreme BBQ

June 2 As a spring recreation, I went to a barbecue on the shore of Lake Biwa due to the hot demand of BBQ.

This time, more than 20 people participated, including an OB from the laboratory. I met at Demachiyanagi Station, Sanjo Station, Yamashina Station, and I got lost on the way, but I managed to get together in front of the supermarket.

There were 3 cooler boxes in the laboratory that had been fertilized like ginger in a refrigerator, so I took them and bought the ingredients at a supermarket near Yamashina Station. I bought all the vegetables and drinks here as well as the essential meat. Some people bought cabbage Taro as a snack. After that, I took the Kosai line from Yamashina station and arrived at Horai station. From here, walk to the BBQ field. I was able to arrive in about 10 minutes on foot. Tents were prepared by the local people.

Those who arrive at the venue and prepare to grill the meat. Cut vegetables with a kitchen knife and cutting board.
Mattoni is going to dive into Lake Biwa. Mattoni is coming from Kyoto to the BBQ field by bicycle. You’re also doing triathlon.
Divided into 3 stoves, M1 takes the initiative in grilling the meat. Besides meat, I also eat vegetables properly. Then I heard that the cabbage Taro that I bought for a snack was baked and ate.
People who chat while grilling meat. Each one spends his or her own time.
After finishing eating the meat, we played balls in the open space and drained water toward Lake Biwa. I was taking a nap all the time.
Lastly, I had a group photo taken with Lake Biwa. It was a very enjoyable recreation that reaffirmed the size of Lake Biwa. I’m looking forward to autumn recreation again.