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(The Solid State Physics Laboratory was renamed to “Solid State Quantum Solid State Laboratory” in April 2005.)

In order to continue my research life beyond graduate school, it is important to find a field in which I am better than other people, as well as a style or style. It would be a great success if you could find something like “I am the most confident in the world in this!” Absorbing power is strong when you are young, so efforts to overcome your weaknesses will be much more effective now. To that end, humble aspirations are an important quality. However, it is much more important to hone your strengths than to overcome your weaknesses, so once you have a certain balance of abilities, find your strengths and hone them. Is this true of any field, not just those who choose a career as a researcher?

After all, there are various physicists all over the world, and there are so many talented people. But, of course, in the world of research, the ability to specifically score high in exams is not always the deciding factor. Rather, such abilities are often an obstacle. Even if you are not a talented person, you can do wonderful research that no other person can do, and each person should have a role to utilize their own characteristics. Isn’t it fun to find out what you can do? Such scientists come together to make science as a whole, and science advances so that it grows. I think it will continue.

As a science of solid-state quantum physics laboratory, my aim is that each graduate student, as a (new) scientist, will actively and aggressively conduct research in a free atmosphere. For that reason, I usually try to have a conscious discussion even among faculty members at seminars. We usually train everybody to ask more and more questions that they are wondering or unsatisfied with. When discussing physics, it’s good to have an environment where you can communicate without being aware of the “teacher” and “student” boundaries.

The first thing that surprised me when I arrived at Kyoto University was that many graduate students were reluctant to attend seminars and other events, and students who didn’t hesitate to sit in the back seat and ask no questions at all. It is about Everyone has good research, and they have a good understanding, but I was worried that such students would not be able to work internationally. Many foreign visitors come to Kyoto, and seminars are held frequently. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities to give questions and discussions in front of everyone in such a place, so let’s use this to evolve yourself.

Rather than saying, “I’m studying this because it’s important research,” rather than “I’m exploring this because it’s interesting”. It’s probably better to choose interesting research as your theme rather than “important” research. When Mr. Atsushi Kondo of “Kondo Effect” gave a retired lecture at the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan in 1990, I happened to be staying at the University of Tsukuba and I was fortunate enough to hear it. In that lecture, when Mr. Kondo said about the same purpose as “words for youth”, I was glad that I was resonating with what I had thought of before and Bivin, and I remember it impressively. . When I met Mr. Kondo at the wedding reception of the graduates of the laboratory in December 2002, I was able to confirm this story with myself. Mr. Kondo said, “It’s important to meet a theme that allows you to be absorbed.”

We welcome students from other universities and faculties to attend our laboratory. It is a rewarding and great pleasure for me to study as a member of the physics classroom at Kyoto University, which has a tradition and has a beautifully inherited free culture. Kyoto is a place where the whole city takes pride in its students and universities, combining traditional culture, cutting-edge culture, and a natural environment that is familiar to us. As a student, it is a very attractive city that is well worth the time of your life.

Since 1996 when I moved from Hiroshima University to Kyoto University, I have graduated from other universities as Hokkaido University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University, Shizuoka University, Nagoya University, Osaka University, Kobe University, Hiroshima University, Kyushu University. Graduates from the University of Sydney, Kyoto University’s Faculty of Engineering and Comprehensive Humanities also lived graduate school in our laboratory. On average, 1-2 people are from non-Kyoto physics each year. I hope that more and more people will go on to study solid-state quantum physics laboratories from all over the country.

(Yoshiteru Maeno) Revised April 15, 2005

To enter the Solid State Quantum Solid State Laboratory, you must take the entrance examination of the Department of Physics , Graduate School of Science , Kyoto University . Click here for more information on the entrance examination .