“What I think after 2 months”

Two months have passed since I entered this laboratory. Time is fast. I am doing it with the support of the staff around me and my seniors.

Before entering the university, I think that it would be difficult for everyone to experiment all night in this laboratory (or rather, in an experimental laboratory). I had a preconceived notion, and I was worried whether I could do it. However, I was looking forward to seeing that many graduate students were making presentations on the international stage by looking at the website and listening to the instructors.

By the way, when I actually entered the university, I was surprised at the peace of the laboratory. I can’t feel the hierarchical relationship. Knowledgeable and skilled people are naturally respected. Also, as expected, everyone is still studying until late, but it feels like they are having more fun than it is. Some people are experimenting by staying overnight. I’m surprised. Furthermore, as you might imagine, there are many people who have presented at international conferences. I was surprised that the seminar was in English. Always keep in mind the dissemination of information overseas.

It’s a little personal, but what surprised me the most was the difference in knowledge and experimental skills between the M2 people and me. I was shocked to see if it was so different in a year. But now, I think that if I can learn the knowledge and skills of my seniors in this laboratory, I think that if I make an effort for a year, I should be able to become like the current M2 people. . There is an atmosphere that makes us feel that way.

As mentioned above, it is useless, but I hope it will be useful for those who are wondering which laboratory they should live in.