Autumn recreation 2018 @ Osaka Expo Park

October 27 I went to Osaka Expo Park for autumn recreation (by strong push of professors). The Sun Tower is currently open to the public at Osaka Expo Park . This time, 4 months ago, I made a thorough preparation to make a reservation.

Free members who do not have the same number of people who have booked in advance. It’s from the afternoon to enter the inside of the tower of the sun, so I’ll take a walk with the members.
The Tower of the Sun Maybe the first time I’ve seen it so close! ? There was a lot of people on the day as there was an NMB48 live.
Chanchal frolics in the tower of the sun.
I had some time to go inside, so I will prepare in advance at the EXPO 70 Pavilion.
There were exhibits at that time, various data, models, etc., and I was able to feel the excitement of that time with my skin.
The dream pond is near the pavilion. It seems that space dreams are the theme. Unfortunately the fountain was not working.
For lunch, at the LaLaport next door. If you have a ticket, you can re-enter, so it will be helpful. People who are always ramen.
Another team ate pork cutlet. It was delicious.
There was still time to enter the Tower of the Sun, so take a stroll. The green was beautiful.
Another face behind the tower of the sun! It seems that all four faces are hidden.
Finally admission! Unfortunately shooting was prohibited inside, but it was very interesting!
Group photo in front of the sun tower! It was nice to have everyone.
Lastly, I came to the Museum of Ethnology. There were so many exhibits around the world that I didn’t have enough time. The picture shows members who are exhausted after walking all day.
At night, I drank at a shop recommended by locals. It was everyone cheers for good work. I also wanted to visit the Osaka Expo in 2025.