Autumn recreation 2021 @ Toji Temple and Kyoto Aquarium

This year’s Fall Rec was held on November 7th. (The day before, we did some work before the blackout, and the next day, we had the rec. It’s nice to be with everyone in the lab all the time!)

There were many candidates, including mountain climbing, the zoo, and the botanical garden, but we decided to go to Toji Temple, which has a high density of national treasures (DONT), and the Kyoto Aquarium, which many people wanted to visit. We gathered at Kyoto Station and went to Toji Temple and then to the Kyoto Aquarium. It had been cold recently, but the weather was just right, and it was a perfect day for recreation. (It was rather hot, as I had worn heavy clothes.)

We took a group photo in front of the five-story pagoda.
After enjoying Toji, we headed to the aquarium.

At the Kyoto Aquarium, we were greeted by a giant salamander.

The giant salamanders were stacked in a tank. The one on the left is just catching his breath!
The giant salamander can grow up to 150 cm or more.
Snack time at the aquarium’s “Kaiju Cafe”. We ate Penguin rice balls and spotted garden eel bread.
Penguins waiting in line to be fed. They were very cute!
At last, we watched a dolphin show together.

It was our first lab lecture in a year, and it was a very productive day. It was great fun to see a slightly different side of the lab members!