Autumn recreation 2019 @ Kurama Temple and Kifune Shrine

This fall, I went to Kurama and Kibune on November 17th. Departing from Demachiyanagi Station, we went in the order of → Kurama Temple → Hiking on the mountain path → Kifune Shrine. I was prepared for the mountains to be quite cold at this time of year, but it was a perfect day for hiking, with the weather being just warm and sunny (it was rather hot as I was wearing thick clothes).

On the train to go. It was in the middle of the tourist season, so it was a crowded train, but the autumn leaves could be seen beautifully from the train window.
I arrived at Kurama station. The big head of Kurama Tengu is welcomed.
This is the Niomon of Kurama Temple. It will be the starting point of the mountain road.
A vending machine at a rest area. I saw a hot paper pack for the first time. Garbage problem + spectacle unique to cold mountains …?
I arrived at the main hall of Kurama Temple. It seems that there is a rumor that the hexagram in front of the main shrine is a power spot connected to the universe … (upper right).
We had lunch in the main hall open space. Some were sleeping too loosely.
After lunch, I continued climbing down the mountain path to reach Kifune Shrine. But I’m a little tired so I’m taking a break.
The steep downhill road was long and difficult, but I arrived at Kifune Shrine safely.
After all, Kifune Shrine at this time is full of people. After lining up in the long line, I prayed that my research (and job hunting) would be successful.

After seeing the main hall, I went to Okunoin. After that, I took a group photo for the new website at a nearby riverside. (Look forward to this!)

Lastly, I headed to Kibune Station and went home while watching the autumn leaves. It was a fulfilling rec, but it was harder to climb the mountain than I expected, and when I returned, I fell asleep.