Topological Quantum Phenomena in Condensed Matter with Broken Symmetries

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■ 集中連携研究会 Intensive-Interactive Workshops


These workshops are organized to enforce collaborations on Topological Quantum Phenomena among the project's research groups. In the first year, workshops focus particularly on bringing together researchers within each research group. From the second year, intensive and interactive workshops (including a small international workshop in 2012) among different research groups will take place in order to promote integrated research. Planned topics of the workshops include "Edge Currents", "Majorana Quasiparticles in Condensed Matter", "Half-Quantum Vortices", and "Topological Quantum Phenomena in Superconducting Junctions"

■ 領域研究会 Annual Meetings


The aim of Annual Meetings is to report yearly research activities and accomplishments. In 2010, it will be held as the "kick-off meeting" in order to develop a sense of common purpose for "Topological Quantum Phenomena as a Scientific Research on Innovative Area". Interdisciplinary international meetings will be held in 2012 and 2014.

■ 若手国際会議 International Workshops for young researchers


These international workshops provide young researchers with the opportunity for personnel exchanges with overseas counterparts. The workshops cover overall research area and will be held in 2011 in Japan and in 2013 in Korea co-hosted by Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics.