A periodic table of elements expressed in three dimensions Elementouch Yoshiteru MAENO Kyoto University

Design Museum

Inspiring design with innovative ideas

The current model is a color scheme that images "a coral reef beach".
I followed the road for 10 years with a little maniac.

*Click the image to see a larger version.

[9] Small Elementouch (Jun. 2010)

A mini version made for the Education Support Project (Leave a Nest Publishing).
Download the template here.

[8] Mug prototype (Jun. 2004)

The elementouch has a flat design. I made only one as a prototype.

[7] Kyoto Univ. Goods Pen Stand Ver.2 (Jun. 2003)

A refreshing impression.

[6] Kyoto Univ. Goods Pen Stand Ver.1 (Jun. 2003)

Color scheme inspired by the beaches of Guam's coral reefs.

[5] Kyoto Univ. Goods Pen Stand Ver.1 Outer Box at Initial Release (Feb. 2003)

Characters are connected when the boxes are lined up!

[4] For scientific events (Oct. 2002)

Made for an event (5 years old and over).
Download the template here.

[3] No. 3 can version (Jun. 2001)

Made for design application. To the prototype of the current design.

[2] Issue 2 (Jun. 2001)

Produced using OHP film.

[1] Issue 1 (Jun. 2001)

When I first came up with it, I made it with toothpicks and bamboo skewers as a support.