Topological Quantum Phenomena in Condensed Matter with Broken Symmetries

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Yoshiteru Maeno

Yoshiteru MAENO

Professor, Department of Physics, Kyoto University
Field of Specialty:
Low temperature physics (Experiment)
Topics of Research:
(A01) Novel Edge Phenomena in Superconductors with Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry
Specific Topics:
Study of topological superconducting phenomena using Sr2RuO4 superconductor
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The main research interest of my group is the physics of ruthenates. These are ruthenium oxide materials with the same crystal structure group as the cuprate superconductors (i.e. the well-known copper-oxide high-Tc superconductors). In 1994, we discovered superconductivity in the ruthenate Sr2RuO4, and since then we have developed an extensive world-wide collaboration of research on these materials.
Ruthenate superconductivity is now believed to result from a revolutionary "spin-triplet" pairing, in which not only the electronic charges but also the active spins of electrons exhibit superfluid properties. We grow high-quality single crystals and investigate their unconventional superconductivity with various low-temperature techniques including calorimetry (specific heat), uni-axial pressure, and junctions.
Our other interests include oxide materials with geometrically frustrated spins. Using high-quality crystals we grow, we investigate their unusual physical properties, such as spin-ice and Kagome-ice states as well as the unconventional anomalous Hall effect (UAHE). The ultimate aims of investigating these materials for us are to search for superconductivity based on unconventional features. With the common purpose, we also study various non-centrosymmetric superconductors.

In this project "Topological Quantum Phenomena in Condensed Matter with Broken Symmetries", we pursue novel superconducting phenomena in pure and eutectic ruthenate systems to reveal their topological aspects, as well as to obtain truly conclusive evidence for their pairing symmetry. As the project leader, I will actively promote the interdisciplinary collaborations throughout our project based on my experience in studying superconductors, superfluids, and exotic insulators.


B.Sc. in Physics, Kyoto University (Advisors: Akira Hirai and Takao Mizusaki)
M.S. in Physics, University of California, San Diego
Ph.D. in Physics, University of California, San Diego (Advisor: John Wheatley)


Research Associate, Associate Professor, Department of Physics,
Hiroshima University
Visiting Scientist, IBM Research, Rüschlikon (Zurich), Switzerland (Host: Georg Bednorz)
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Hiroshima University
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Kyoto University
Professor, International Innovation Center, and Department of
Physics, Kyoto University.
Professor, Department of Physics, Kyoto University


Superconductivity Science and Technology Award
(Co-awarded with M. Sigrist)
Ryogo Kubo Memorial Award
Japan IBM Science Award
Thomson Scientific Research Front Award
Daiwa Adrian Prizes
(Co-awarded with A.P. Mackenzie and eight others)
Science and Technology Award of Minister of Education, Culture,Sports,
Science and Technology of Japan
(co-awarded with H. Nishimura and three others)
Bernd T. Matthias Prize (Co-awarded with H. Hosono)


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