International Conference on Topological Materials Science 2019 (TopoMat2019)

Poster Awards

Poster Award

  • Gold Prize
    [PA-33] Masataka Mogi / Univ. of Tokyo
    "Half-integer quantization of Hall conductance in semi-magnetic topological insulator"
  • [PB-55] Taichi Yokoi / Kyoto Univ.
    "Determining topological Chern number in Kitaev material α-RuCl3"
  • Silver Prize
    [PA-20] Sehoon Kim / Tohoku Univ.
    "Theoretical study of spin torque and domain wall motion on ferromagnetic Kagome lattice"
  • [PA-21] Aki Kitaori / Univ. of Tokyo
    "Transformation of hedgehog-lattice and nonreciprocal conductance in chiral magnet MnGe"
  • [PA-53] Kazuki Yamamoto / Kyoto Univ.
    "Theory of non-Hermitian fermionic superfluidity with dissipation"
  • [PB-04] Takumi Bessho / YITP
    "Topological duality in Floquet and non-Hermitian systems: two dimensional Floquet Dirac fermion"
  • Bronze Prize
    [PA-10] Motoaki Hirayama / RIKEN CEMS
    "Higher-Order Topological Crystalline Insulating Phase in Topological Electride Apatite"
  • [PA-50] Riki Toshio / Kyoto Univ.
    "Anomalous Nonlocal and Nonlinear Transport in Interacting Noncentrosymmetric Metals"
  • [PB-24] Ivan Kostylev / Kyoto Univ.
    Uniaxial-strain Control of Nematic Superconductivity in SrxBi2Se3"
  • [PB-51] Jin Watanabe / Tohoku Univ.
    "Electric charging of magnetic textures in topological Dirac semimetal"
  • [PB-53] Masahiro Yamamoto / Nagoya Univ.
    "Magnetic Field Response of Josephson Junction on Magnetically-Doped Topological Insulator"
  • [PB-54] Yuki Yamazaki / Nagoya Univ.
    "Theory of Electromagnetic Response for Majorana Kramers Pairs in Topological Crystalline Superconductor"

Preview Award

  • Best Preview Award
    [PA-06] Reika Fujimura / Univ. of Tokyo
    "Signature of quantum anomalous Hall effect driven by proximity coupling in a van der Waals heterostructure"
  • [PB-29] Giordano Mattoni / Kyoto Univ.
    "Imaging the current driven metal insulator transition in Ca2RuO4"
  • Preview Award
    [PA-07] Yukako Fujishiro / Univ. of Tokyo
    "Giant anomalous Hall effect from spin-chirality scattering in a chiral magnet"
  • [PA-08] Takuya Furusawa / TITech / RIKEN
    "’t Hooft anomaly in CPN-1 model without flavor symmetry"
  • [PA-38] Nobuyuki Okuma / Kyoto Univ.
    "Topological Origin of Non-Hermitian Skin Effects"
  • [PA-41] Matthias Roessler / PH2 - Univ. of Cologne - Ando group
    "Top-down fabrication of gate-tuneable bulk-insulating TI nanowires and their quantum transport"
  • [PB-17] Mai Kameda / IMR, Tohoku Univ.
    "Numerical Study of Magnetic Excitations in Amorphous Ferromagnets"
  • [PB-44] Shu Suzuki / Nagoya Univ.
    "Identifying possible pairing states of Sr2RuO4 by tunneling spectroscopy"