International Conference on Topological Materials Science 2019 (TopoMat2019)


(Last updated: Nov 21th)



The registration desk will be open in the following schedule.

Please come to the reception desk for registration and pay the registration fee and the Information exchange meeting fee. Note that we only accept cash (Japanese yen only).

Welcome reception

  • The welcome reception will be held from 18:00 to 20:00 at Hotel GIMMOND Kyoto.
  • Drinks and light meals will be provided.

Information exchange meeting (banquet)

Restaurants and stores map

Internet access at conference site

Wireless connection is available with "eduroam" and WiFi service provided by the three major mobile companies (NTT docomo, KDDI (au), SoftBank). If you are a member of the registered organization of "eduroam", we advise you to open an account from here in advance for convenience. Alternatively, we will also provide you with a valid account at the registration desk, although the number of accounts is limited to about 60. We appreciate your kind understanding that technical assistance will not be provided throughout the meeting.

Oral Presentation

  • Please note the following time allocation and leave enough time for discussion.
    + 40-min presentation: 30-min talk + 10-min discussion
    + 30-min presentation: 23-min talk + 7-min discussion
    + 20-min presentation: 15-min talk + 5-min discussion
  • The remaining time of your presentation will be shown in a sub screen.
  • Use your laptop PC to show your slides.
  • We use the ordinary D-sub connector cable to connect your PC to our video projector.

Poster Presentation / Poster Preview

  • Poster Presetation
    The poster size should not exceed width x height = 900mm x 1800mm.
    The poster sessions are scheduled on Dec. 04 (A) and 05 (B).

  • Poster Preview
    You will have 45 seconds to promote your poster just before the poster session, using one slide. The slide should be in the PDF format with 25.4cm in width and 19.05cm in height (i.e. the default size of MS PowerPoint for 4:3 display). Please start the file name with your poster number (available from the list of posters), e.g., "PA-01Mizushima.pdf".
    The file should not contain any animations.
    The slides should be submitted by email to the following address by 17:00, Dec. 2nd, 2019 (JST) , Japan Standard Time: tms2019preview[at]

  • Poster Award / Poster Preview Award
    To acknowledge the contributions and efforts of the poster presenters, the organizers will be awarding a few outstanding posters and poster previews with the Poster Award and Poster Preview Award. The winners will be announced in the Information Exchange Meeting.