2. Instructions


Last updated: Dec. 13, 2014
This page contains some important details / recommendations for the participants.
The information may be updated several times. Be sure to check the latest information.


From Kansai International Airport to Kyoto Station

  • JR Express Train "Haruka" provides direct access to Kyoto Station and is most convenient (Every 30 min, 80 min to Kyoto, 2,850JPY for one way / 4,830 for round trip).
  • Convenient direct bus service to Kyoto Station is available (Every 30 min, 90-110 min to Kyoto, 2,550JPY for one way / 4,180JPY for round trip).
  • If you take local JR trains, you need to change trains several times. First, take a rapid train from Airport and get off at Osaka Station. Then take another rapid train to Kyoto Station. (Approx. 100 min, 1,840JPY)
  • If you prefer a cheaper way, you take a Nankai train to Namba Station, then take a subway to Umeda Station. After a 5-min walk to Osaka Station, take a JR rapid train to Kyoto Station. (Approx. 120 min, 1,760JPY) .

From Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) to Kyoto Station

  • Convenient direct bus service to Kyoto Station is available (Every 20 min, 50-55 min to Kyoto, 1,310JPY).
  • If you want to use train, first take a monorail to Hotaru-Ike Station. Then take a Hanku train to Umeda Station. Walk 5 min to Osaka Station. Then take a JR rapid train to Kyoto. (Approx. 60-80 min, 980JPY)

From Kyoto Station to APA HOTEL KYOTO EKIMAE

  • Exit the Kyoto Station Central Entrance and walk to left for 5 min. For more information,

From Kyoto Station to the conference site (Clock Tower)

  • Take Kyoto City Bus No.17 to "Hyakumanben" bus stop (25-40 min, 230JPY) and then walk 5 min. For a map, see: venue
  • Kyoto City Bus No.206 will bring you to "Kyodai Seimon-Mae" bus stop (230JPY), which is the bus stop closest to the conference site. We however do not recommend to use No.206, since this bus line is not very punctual and can significantly delay in high tourist seasons. We also emphasize that you should take eastbound No.206, but not westbound.
  • It may be convenient to buy "One-day Bus Ticket" (500JPY), if you plan to take buses more than three times a day. You can purchase a one-day ticket at Kyoto Station, inside a bus, and at many other shops such as convenience stores.
  • Taxi costs around 2,000JPY and it takes 10-20 min to the conference site.


The registration starts at 17:00 on Tuesday (16th Dec.) at the Cafeteria "Camphora", which is located close to the main university gate and the Clock Tower. For a map, see: venue

Please come to the reception desk for registration and pay the registration fee: 4,000JPY (2,000JPY for students), banquet fee: 4,000 JPY (2,000JPY for students), and excursion fee: 2,000 JPY.

  • We only accept cash.
  • The welcome reception will be held at the Cafeteria "Camphora" from 18:00.

From the 2nd day of the conference (17th Dec.), the registration desk opens at the conference site.

Welcome reception

  • The welcome reception will be held from 18:00 to 20:00 at the Cafeteria "Camphora".
    For a map, see: venue
  • Drinks and light meals are provided.

Tea Ceremony

Enjoy Japanese tea ceremony during the lunch breaks and poster sessions on 17th and 18th Dec.


  • Friday, Dec 19th, 12:30-17:40
  • Lunch, bus service, entrance fees are included in the excursion fee.
  • The tour will be accompanied by English-speaking bus-tour guides.
  • No cancellation accepted after 10:00AM JST on 28th Nov. 2014.
Approximate Time
Places / Description
Departure from Kyoto University Clock Tower
Lunch in the bus. The bus drops by several places in Kyoto.
Heian-Shrine (only a short visit)
The bus drops by several places in Kyoto.
Tofuku-Ji Temple
Kiyomizu Temple / Shopping
Arrival at Kyoto University Clock Tower


  • Friday, Dec 19th, 18:00-20:00 at the conference site.
  • The Poster Award / Poster Preview Award winners will be announced in the Banquet.
  • No cancellation accepted after 10:00AM JST on 8th Dec. 2014.

Internet access at conference site

  • If your university/institute belongs to the "eduroam" membership (https://www.eduroam.org/), you can get a temporal eduroam account, with which you can use WiFi at the conference site. To get an account, you need to consult technical staffs of your university/institute.
  • Except for the eduroam, we cannot provide WiFi access to you.
  • In case of emergency, please visit registration desk. We prepare a few PCs for your temporal use of Internet.

Oral Presentation

  • Please note the following time allocation and leave enough time for discussion.
    + 40-min presentation: 33-min talk + 7-min discussion
    + 30-min presentation: 23-min talk + 7-min discussion
    + 20-min presentation: 15-min talk + 5-min discussion
  • The remaining time of your presentation will be shown in a sub screen.
  • Use your laptop PC to show your slides. We use the ordinary D-sub connector cable to connect your PC to our video projector. If your PC is not equipped with the D-sub connector, do not forget to bring and appropriate converter. Instead, you can use our PC (Win 7, with PowerPoint 2013) by bringing your presentation file with a USB memory device.
  • Check your PC connection or bring your presentation file by the coffee/lunch break just before your session.
  • We prepare a laser pointer.

Poster Presentation / Poster Preview

  • The size of a poster board is 90-cm wide and 170-cm tall. Pins will be provided. We ask you to place your poster during the morning coffee break on Dec. 17th and display it until the afternoon coffee break on the final day.
  • In the "Poster Preview" session, you will have one minute 55 seconds to promote your poster using one slide. The slide must be in PDF format with 25.4cm in width and 19.05cm in height (i.e. the default size of MS PowerPoint for 4:3 display). Please start the file name with your poster number (available from the list of posters), e.g., "PB28Mizushima.pdf". The file should not contain any animations. The slides must be submitted by email to the following address by 17:00,Dec 11th, 2014 17:00 Dec. 14 (Sun.), 2014, Japan Standard Time:

Poster Award / Poster Preview Award

  • Presenters of excellent posters will be awarded for the Best Poster Award. Each participant has a right to vote for this award. The final decision will be made by members of the Poster Award Committee. Details of the vote will be announced during the conference.
  • We also award excellent poster previews. The award winner will be chosen by members of the Poster Award Committee.
  • The Award winners will be announced in the banquet.

Requests for presenters

  • This international conference focuses especially on multidisciplinary aspects of researches to open up a topological view of nature. To achieve this goal, we planned each session to create integration of physical concepts among different material systems such as superconductors, superfluids, cold atoms, semiconductors, as well as insulators.
  • Since the participants are from a variety of research fields, we would appreciate your extra concern for introduction of your presentation. In particular, technical terms and brevity codes should be well introduced otherwise should be avoided.
  • To enhance interdisciplinary atmosphere, please expect and welcome non-specialists' questions from the audience in the discussion.
  • Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.


According to weather forecasts, we have cold weather during the conference: The temperature reaches only 6-10 degree-C during daytime and can be minus during night. Be sure to bring warm cloths. There may be some rain or snow as well.