The 2nd Alliance Workshop (EPiQS-TMS) Trans-Pacific Conference on Topological Quantum Materials

TMS-EPiQS 2nd Alliance Workshop was a great success with about 70 participants. Many hot topics have been intensively discussed. We would like to thank each and every one of you who has associated with the conference. 2186×1452px(1.85MB)


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Welcome to TMS-EPiQS 2nd Alliance Workshop

The objective of the TMS-EPIQS workshop is to bring together the Japanese and US scientific communities working in the field of topological quantum materials. Our purpose is to identify the most important questions in this area and find pathways to answer them through focused, trans-Pacific collaborations. The main scientific focus will be on Topological Magnets including Quantum Spin Liquids, as well as on Topological Superconductors.


January 10th (Wed) - 14th (Sun), 2018


Maskawa Hall, Maskawa Building for Education and Research, North campus of Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University

Registration deadline

October 16th (Mon), 2017
(Poster contribution: December 8, 2017)
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17:00-20:00, January 10th (Wed), 2018
Ground Floor, Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa

Registration at Maskawa Hall after Jan. 11(Tue).

Welcome reception

18:00-20:00, January 10th (Wed), 2018
Fee: Free
Library Lounge & Bar "HAVEN" Ground Floor, Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa

Kindly supported by a subsidy from Kyoto City and the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Excursion (with Lunch)

January 12th (Fri), 2018

Approximate Time Places / Description
Departure from Maskawa Hall (Lunch in bus)
Byodoin Temple (Uji)
to enjoy the lovely scenery of Honganji Toji and Nijo Castle etc. from the bus window
Kinkaku-ji Temple
Kitano-tenman-gu Shrine
Arrival at Kyoto University
Fee: 1,000 JPY
Lunch, bus service, entrance fees are included in the excursion fee.
The tour will be accompanied by English-speaking bus-tour guides.
Duration and order of visiting may be changed due to the traffic and the weather.
Mainly supported by a subsidy from Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Information Exchange Dinner

18:00-21:00, January 12th (Fri), 2018
Fee: General・PD 3,000 JPY, Student 2,000 JPY
Kumamoto Sogo Inshokuten Mao

Near the main street Kawaramachi and popular Nishikikoji.

Internet Access

Wireless connection is available with "eduroam". If you are a member of the registered organization of "eduroam", we advise you to get an account from your institution in advance for convenience. Alternatively, you can also use "eduroam" via a guest account, whose ID and key are available at the registration desk. We appreciate your kind understanding that technical assistance will not be provided throughout the meeting.

Contact us

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, MEXT, Japan, Topological Materials Science Project Office

Condensed Matter Theory Group
Department of Physics Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Kitashirakawa, Sakyo Kyoto, 606-8502, Japan


This program is supported by subsidies from Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, and the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau.