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Teruya Ishihara

Teruya Ishihara

Professor, Department of Physics, Tohoku University

Topological properties of photonic crystal slabs based on honeycomb structure

E-mail : t-ishihara[at]


I have reached topological photonics through experimental studies of linear and nonlinear optical responses of low-dimensional semiconductors, photonic crystals (polaritic crystals and plasmonic crystals) with resonant structures, and metamaterials.

I will clarify interesting topological physics by examining the transition from topologically trivial to nontrivial states.


Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo.


Assistant, Deparmtent of Physics, Tohoku University.
Visiting Researcher, Brown University (USA).
Associate Professor, Department of Physical Electronics, Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University.
Laboratory Head, Frontier Research System, RIKEN.
Professor, Department of Physics, Tohoku University


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